Americans strongly oppose to intervention in North Korea and Syria

2013-05-01, 15:33
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Americans are largely against military intervention in North Korea and Syria – according to a survey published for CBS News and the "New York Times". Not the foreign policy, but economy and employment require immediate action – they say.


In a survey conducted between 24 and 28 April, 62 percent of respondents believes that the U.S. does not have any responsibility to engage in the ongoing conflict between the Syrian regime and anti-government rebels.

In addition, only 39 percent of respondents admitted that they track attentively the conflict in Syria. It is a lot less than in March or December, when similar surveys revealed that most respondents follow closely events in the civil war in Syria.

Also, the majority of respondents voted against military intervention in North Korea. Only 15 percent said that the threat from North Korea side requires the use of force. 56 percent of respondents hope that the threat would be conquered itself without the use of force, while 21 percent even do not believe that North Korea could be a threat.

Despite strong opposition to direct U.S. military involvement abroad, 70 percent of respondents said that they have nothing against the use of unmanned aircraft, called drones, by U.S. in foreign countries to conduct bomb attacks on suspected terrorists.

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