Polish education in Lithuania

Polish education in Lithuania

We talked to Michal Mackevič, President of the Association of Poles in Lithuania, member of the Lithuanian Seimas from the Electoral Action of Poles, about the reasons why Polish schools are the best option for Polish children in Lithuania, about heroines promoting love to Polish language and national culture in places where there are not many Poles, and about love of Poles to Lithuania, although this country is often not like a mother to them, but rather like a stepmother.

The gymnasium of Konstantinas Parčevskis in Nemenčinė is one of the oldest Polish schools on Vilnius Land. It is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.

'We are the only trilingual school for adults in Lithuania, where amongst others, we also provide education in the Polish language' said Natalija Kimso, the director of the Vilnius Adult Education Centre.

L24 talked to Danuta Narbut, chairwoman of the Vilnius Forum of Polish Parents about accusations of Lithuanian politicians of disloyalty of Poles, about the results of her own research on the situation and the future of Polish schools in Lithuania, and the negative impact on the entire educational system in the country of the media campaign pursued for years and aimed against the Polish education.

L24 talked to the Chairwoman of the Seimas faction of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania Rita Tamašunienė about the situation of Polish education in Lithuania, the Lithuanian Government's attitude towards Polish schools, strikes of Polish educational institutions as well as postulates of teachers, students and their parents.

We spoke to the Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland Artur Górski about the problems of Polish education in Lithuania, the weakness for Borderlands residents, but also about the new openness of Polish authorities to Poles outside Polish borders. Artur Górski is in some sense an expert of Polish minority Lithuania.

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