Polish education in Lithuania

Polish education in Lithuania

This is the second part of the publication 'Fighting Polish school'

We would like to present you a three-part publication under the title of 'Fighting Polish school' focusing on uneasy experiences and challenges which were faced by the Polish education in Lithuania this year.

The dispute over the model of Polish education has not quietened down since the moment of imposing the new version of the Law on Education on national minorities by the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. The new law unifies the matriculation exam of the Lithuanian language in all schools regardless of the language of teaching. Moreover, it introduces the rule of teaching certain subjects in the state language in the schools of national minorities.

Additional training is an integral part of every educator's work. Pedagogues of Polish schools in Lithuania especially value such trainings in Poland. It is a chance to improve not only the knowledge of the subject, but language skills as well.

Primary School in Pavilnys, which is located in one of the most beautiful districts of Vilnius, celebrates its 100th anniversary. It is one of the oldest Polish schools in the Vilnius Region.

We spoke to the manager of the Department of Education of the Vilnius District Municipiality Mrs Lilija Andruškievič about activities of educational institutions in the Vilnius dstrict, about the situation of Polish education in one of the biggest districts in Lithuania, about its new challenges and aims.

The award ceremony for the best teachers and Polish schools in Lithuania took place on 23rd of October in the House of Polish Culture. 4 top schools were: J. I. Kraševskio Gymnasium in Vilnius, K. Parčevskio Gymansium in Nemenčinė, J. Obrembskio Gymnasium in Maišiagala and M. Balinskio Gymansium in Jašiūnai.

Polish education in Lithuania has centuries-old traditions. It had its times of bloom but there were also multiple unrefined attempts to destroy it. Polish educational institutions went through different periods, although all of them - more or less - were unkind to them.

'The number of students in our school in recent years has stabilised - about 80 persons. We do not feel any drops in numbers,' told the vice-director of the Polish basic school in Borskūnai (Širvintai district) Marjan Buinicki.

The small town Lavoriškės, which is 26 kilometres away from Vilnius, has strong ties with Marshal Józef Piłsudski.

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