Dear Readers!

This year on 7th April the new social-informational website was launched. It will be one of the first (just after DELFI) quadrilingual websites created in Lithuanian, Polish, English, and Russian. The short name L24 is made of the first letter of the name of the state - Lietuva, Litwa, Lithuania, Литва – and of the number 24 which is a symbol of a round-the-clock online website informing you of the most important events.

The website was initiated in order to enable as many as possible people to get free access to true and wide-ranging information. In order to exchange information, we will be cooperating with various environments and societies of multilingual and multicultural Lithuania, with social and political organisations, self-govenments of Vilnius Region as well as of Klaipėda, Visaginas, Kaunas Region, Samogitia (Žemaitija) and other regions of our country.

There is a lot of space on provided for advertising; therefore, we welcome all the interested institutions, companies, and individuals to take advantage of this offer. We invite you to announce your offers that will be promptly published in four languages. This way the information about the offers will reach the readers from Lithuania, Poland, Russia, United Kingdom and other English speaking countries.



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Place for your add
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