Rally against discrimination of Polish education in Lithuania

2022-09-12, 14:42
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Rally against discrimination of Polish education in Lithuania l24.lt

In connection to the unprecedented attack against Polish schools in Lithuania by the current liberal-nationalist authorities of Lithuania, the aim of which is to liquidate or downgrade to a lower level several Polish schools in the Vilnius, Šalčininkai and Trakai districts (including 8 gymnasia, i.e. Šv. Kazimiero in Medininkai, Tadeušo Konvickio in Buivydžiai, Šv. Jono Bosko in Egliškės, Šv. Uršulės Leduchovskos in Juodašiliai, Povilo Ksavero Bžostovskio in Turgeliai, Adomo Mickevičiaus in Dieveniškės, Anos Krepštul in Butrimonys, and Longin Komolovski in Paluknys), the school communities of the Vilnius Region are organizing a protest action and preparing an appeal of support for the preservation of Polish schools. The event will take place in front of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Vilnius.

The Czech Republic presides over the Council of the European Union and coordinates the implementation of all tasks and solving potential problems within the Council of the EU as of 1st July 2022 (until the end of the year). So the opinion of the Czech Republic on all important topics is essential and very important. The more so because the Czech Republic is an extremely positive example of resolving all matters relating to the rights of autochthonous national minorities, where they can enjoy genuine respect for the entire range of rights, including education, culture, social and political life.
The Polish community in the Czech Republic, densely inhabiting the Trans-Olsa region, enjoys the full rights and a well-developed system of Polish education, and is a good example of the exercise of law by the Czech authorities and the exemplary treatment of national minorities.

Therefore there is a good chance that the Czech Republic, as the country presiding over the EU Council, will present to the Government of the Republic of Lithuania its own positive solutions in the matter of observing the rights of national minorities, thus defending the rights of Poles in Lithuania against discrimination, including in the field of their education system.

The protest rally in defence of the rights of Polish education in Lithuania will take place on Thursday at 15.00, 15th September 15, in front of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Vilnius (Birutės street 16, Vilnius).

The official application for a 300-person rally in front of the embassy of the Czech Republic was submitted on 7th September by representatives of Polish school communities. Later, on 8th September, the Vilnius City has issued an official permit to hold the rally .


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