The „Europe Christi” Movement is developing

2017-07-01, 12:06
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The „Europe Christi” Movement  is developing

In Częstochowa on 25th June the symposium has took place of the last-year-formed "Europe Christi" Movement at the headquarters of the Weekly Catholic newspaper “Niedziela”. This Movement reminds us of the Christian roots of Europe and wants to save its identity through rechristianization on the spiritual, religious, cultural, social and political levels.

At the symposium the church side was represented by the hierarchs of the Archdiocese of Częstochowa: Archbishop of Warsaw, Wacław Depo, Archbishop Stanisław Nowak and Bishop Andrzej Przybylski, also Reverend Prelate Ireneusz Skubiś - honorable Chief Editor of the Weekly Catholic newspaper "Niedziela", the originator and founder of the "Europe Christi" Movement. MEPs, senators and deputies of the Republic of Poland, representatives of the Law and Justice government and professors from several universities have also took part of the symposium.

One of the participants of the meeting was MEP Waldemar Tomaszewski, President of Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Christian Families Alliance, who has made a speech on “How to understand the main idea of the "Europe Christi" Movement”. In his speech, he emphasized the importance of the main program directions, namely the protection and strengthening of the traditional family institutions, the protection of life, the bringing up children in Christian spirit and the importance of the fundamental element of Christian policy, which is honesty in relations between the rulers and the ruled ones.

As Reverend Prelate Ireneusz Skubiś emphasizes: "The movement" Europe Christi "reminds us of the Christian roots of Europe and wants to save its identity. This movement seeks to reform the European Union on a Christian spiritual level, cause of the Christian culture being the basis for the civilization of the whole world. "Europe Christi" fits into great need, as there are various bad things going on in Europe, to which the salvation is what Jesus Christ has brought to us."

The symposium has ended with the announcement of organizing the Europe-wide "Europe Christi" Movement Congress, during which, apart to the ideological ideas, there is going to be introduced a specific agenda of operations for the upcoming years.

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