Politics http://l24.lt Fri, 19 Jul 2024 02:11:55 +0300 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb President Gitanas Nausėda begins his second term of office http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406793-president-gitanas-nauseda-begins-his-second-term-of-office http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406793-president-gitanas-nauseda-begins-his-second-term-of-office President Gitanas Nausėda begins his second term of office

On Friday, President Gitanas Nausėda took the presidential oath at the Seimas, pledging for the second time to protect and strengthen Lithuania, to serve the Homeland, democracy, and the well-being of the Lithuanian people.

“In the five years between the first and the second oath, we have achieved a great deal together. We have strengthened the state. Throughout all the crises and upheavals, we have not only preserved its economy but also extended a helping hand to the people, securing their jobs and incomes. We have reduced exclusion. We are building a Lithuania that cares for those who need care and assistance the most today. We created a stronger, fairer, greener, more innovative Lithuania,” the President said after taking the oath of office.

In his speech at the Seimas, the President emphasized that the last five years have been full of global challenges - climate change, pandemics and war. “National security will be one of my most important tasks as President. Because if there is no state, there is nothing,” he said.

The President envisions Lithuania in 2029 as a model for all of NATO in strengthening defense. According to Gitanas Nausėda, we must begin moving in this direction today.

“A secure and strong Lithuanian state is not only about tanks and missiles, combat vehicles and drones. We are only as strong as our determination and our ability to effectively inspire friends and allies. In the near future, we will have to work even harder on this. We need a persistent, consistent and sustained foreign policy,” the President said.

Gitanas Nausėda underscored that Ukraine’s victory in its War of Freedom against Russia must remain our priority and goal. We must continue to be a loud voice for Ukraine on the international stage.

The President emphasized that he will continue the work started in developing bilateral relations with allies and partners, as well as defending Lithuania’s interests in multilateral NATO and European Union forums.

In his inaugural speech, the President outlined national security, policies to reduce exclusion and inequality, family needs, transport, regional policy, the economy, climate change, education, science, culture, and sport.

“The world and Lithuania are standing on the threshold of existential ruptures. Today, the question is whether we will manage not to cross the tipping point beyond which geopolitical processes, climate change or other unknown challenges will become uncontrollable. It is not a privilege to perform the responsible duties of a head of state in such times. It is a tough daily job and a great challenge. It is an enormous personal responsibility to the Nation that has entrusted me. And a mission for all of us to stand on the right side of history. Today I took an oath to do that. So help me God,” – said the President in conclusion of his speech.



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Press briefing on Parliament’s constitutive plenary session http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406795-press-briefing-on-parliament-s-constitutive-plenary-session http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406795-press-briefing-on-parliament-s-constitutive-plenary-session Press briefing on Parliament’s constitutive plenary session

Spokespersons for Parliament and for the political groups will hold a briefing on Parliament’s 16-19 July constitutive session, this Friday 12th July at 11.00.

The briefing will exceptionally take place in room SPINELLI 3E2 (due to renovation work in Parliament’s press conference room).

Key moments next week include:

  • Election of Parliament’s President
  • Election of Parliament’s Bureau: 14 Vice-Presidents and five Quaestors
  • Numerical strength and composition of Parliament’s committees and sub-committees and numerical strength of interparliamentary delegations
  • Election of the President of the European Commission
  • Debate with Charles Michel and the European Commission on the 27 June European Council
  • Russia’s war against Ukraine: statements by political group leaders and vote on a resolution

Interpretation for the press briefing will be available in English and French.

Journalists wishing to actively participate and ask questions, please connect via Interactio by using this: https://ep.interactio.eu/1dxr-tkkf-mpje

You can also follow it live from 11.00 via Parliament’s webstreaming and EbS.

Information for the media - Use Interactio to ask questions

Interactio is only supported on iPad (with the Safari browser) and Mac/Windows (with the Google Chrome browser).

When connecting, enter your name and the media you are representing in the first name / last name fields.

For better sound quality, use headphones and a microphone. Interpretation is only possible for interventions with video.

Journalists who have never used Interactio before are asked to connect 30 minutes before the start of the press conference to perform a connection test. IT assistance can be provided if necessary.

When connected, open the chat window (upper right corner) to be able to see the service messages.

For more details, check the connection guidelines and recommendations for remote speakers.

Ref.: 20240710IPR22809


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Inauguration of President Gitanas Nausėda at the Seimas on 12 July 2024 http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406686-inauguration-of-president-gitanas-nauseda-at-the-seimas-on-12-july-2024 http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406686-inauguration-of-president-gitanas-nauseda-at-the-seimas-on-12-july-2024 Inauguration of President Gitanas Nausėda at the Seimas on 12 July 2024

On Friday, 12 July 2024, a sitting of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania will be held at the Seimas building for President Gitanas Nausėda to take the oath of office. The inauguration ceremony will begin in the Hall of the Act of 11 March at 12 noon.

Gintaras Goda, President of the Constitutional Court, will administer the oath of office to the President of the Republic. Following the oath, Gitanas Nausėda will assume all presidential powers for a new five-year term.

Archbishop Metropolitan of Vilnius, Gintaras Grušas, will deliver the invocation. Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, Speaker of the Seimas, will give a congratulatory speech. The event will conclude with an inaugural address by President Gitanas Nausėda.

Former heads of state, Speakers of Parliament, Members of the Supreme Council – the Reconstituent Seimas, who signed the 11 March Act of Independence of Lithuania, Members of the Government, Members of the European Parliament, municipal mayors, Lithuanian and foreign diplomats, hierarchs of traditional and other state-recognised religious communities and associations, and other distinguished guests have also been invited to attend the inauguration ceremony.

Live streaming of the Seimas sitting with interpretation into English will be available on the Seimas YouTube channel.

Events scheduled to follow the inauguration of President Gitanas Nausėda at the Seimas:

1 pm. – Holy Mass at the Vilnius Cathedral Basilica;

2 pm. – formation of flags and squads of the Lithuanian Armed Forces dedicated to the inauguration ceremony at the Vilnius Cathedral Square;

3 pm. – solemn ceremony for changing the Presidential Flag at Simono Daukanto Square;

4 pm. – ceremony of reinstatement of the powers of the Government at the Presidential Palace;

7 pm. – reception to celebrate the inauguration for the second term in the courtyard of the Presidential Palace;



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Minister of National Defence L. Kasčiūnas departs for NATO Summit in Washington http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406685-minister-of-national-defence-l-kasciunas-departs-for-nato-summit-in-washington http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406685-minister-of-national-defence-l-kasciunas-departs-for-nato-summit-in-washington Minister of National Defence L. Kasčiūnas departs for NATO Summit in Washington

Sunday Minister of National Defence Laurynas Kasčiūnas departed for Washington on a July 8-11 visit to take part in the NATO Summit. Allied leaders will be particularly centered on stepping assistance to Ukraine. As the Alliance marks its 75th anniversary, security of Ukraine is in the interest of the whole Europe, which will have NATO Allies aim for decisions ensuring long-term assistance, Ukrainian personnel training, and lay the groundwork for the eventual Ukrainian membership in the Alliance.

The Lithuanian delegation will also focus on Allied defence capability development, discuss strengthening deterrence and defence and partnership with the Indo-Pacific the Summit.

Minister L. Kasčiūnas will kick off the visit to the United States by meeting with Adjutant-General of Pennsylvania Major General Mark J. Schindler. The Pennsylvania National Guard, one of the largest and oldest national guards in the U.S., and Lithuania have a long-standing partnership. Minister will also have bilateral meeting with Dutch, Czech and Croatian counterparts , attend a U.S. Chamber of Commerce event for political and industry representatives concerning strengthening defence industry, as well as more discussions in the margins of the Washington Summit.



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Head of Government sends greetings to new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406684-head-of-government-sends-greetings-to-new-prime-minister-of-the-united-kingdom http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406684-head-of-government-sends-greetings-to-new-prime-minister-of-the-united-kingdom Head of Government sends greetings to new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has greeted the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Keir Starmer, wishing success for the new Government in achieving its goals, enhancing the security, prosperity, and well-being of the people of the United Kingdom.

'Lithuania is honoured to call the United Kingdom a great friend and a strategic partner. Lithuania cherishes strong ties with the United Kingdom in all areas of mutual interest and attaches great importance to the crucial contribution of the United Kingdom to the security of the NATO’s Eastern flank and the Baltic region in particular.

Taking this opportunity I would like to stress the importance of the unity of our countries in keeping the rules-based international order and in seeking to support Ukraine till its victory and beyond, because Ukrainians are fighting not only for their sovereignty and territorial integrity but also for the freedom of Europe. Our consistent position on the strengthening of sanctions against Russia and Belarus is of utmost importance to show that Europe will not cave in to the aggressor’s blackmailing and will stand up for its values.

The Government of Lithuania is looking forward to further strengthening our strategic partnership, especially in the areas of trade and innovation, culture and education, cybersecurity and financial technologies. I am glad that the Lithuanian diaspora in the United Kingdom and people-to-people contacts have proven to be a very strong link between our countries and it will continue to flourish', reads the message of greetings by Prime Minister Šimonytė.



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Prime Minister welcomes High-Level Conference on the European Social Charter http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406466-prime-minister-welcomes-high-level-conference-on-the-european-social-charter http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406466-prime-minister-welcomes-high-level-conference-on-the-european-social-charter Prime Minister welcomes High-Level Conference on the European Social Charter

Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has welcomed the High-Level Conference on the European Social Charter, one of the key events of Lithuania’s Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (CoE).

The Prime Minister has pointed out at the Conference, held collaboratively by the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, the CoE and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that we live on a continent where freedom, democracy, and the rule of law still prevail, but we do not need to look far to see how bad it would be without them.

‘But we must not fall into a trap of unfounded confidence that Europe’s most cherished achievements will remain secure without our sincere effort to defend them,’ said the Prime Minister.

Lithuanian Presidency will make a sincere effort to uphold the ideals of the Charter and to work together with other members of the organisation to achieve its key objectives and presidency priorities.

‘The European Social Charter is comprised of principles and aims that define us – as Europeans and as democracies –, and through its ideals, the Charter offers us a roadmap to social justice, inclusion, prosperity and progress. However, these are unattainable without peace, security, and freedom. And whenever peaceful order collapses, attention is inevitably diverted to threats that are existential, and the weak suffer the most.

‘Russia’s unprovoked, unjustified, and brutal war is a reminder that freedom – and everything that thrives thanks to it – cannot be taken for granted. And today, by helping to defend Ukraine’s freedom, we defend our own. We defend values of the European Social Charter,’ underlined the Head of Government.

For the first time in the Baltic States, the Conference brings together European social policy leaders, parliamentarians, representatives of international organisations, social partners, civil society and academia – more than 250 participants – to discuss the ways to accelerate the progress on Member States’ commitments under the European Social Charter and to sign a political declaration highlighting them.



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The Baltic Defence Line and the East Shield Initiative are a clear message to the adversary, says Minister of National Defence L. Kasčiūnas after meeting with the Polish Minister of National Defence http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406467-the-baltic-defence-line-and-the-east-shield-initiative-are-a-clear-message-to-the-adversary-says-minister-of-national-defence-l-kasciunas-after-meeting-with-the-polish-minister-of-national-defence http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406467-the-baltic-defence-line-and-the-east-shield-initiative-are-a-clear-message-to-the-adversary-says-minister-of-national-defence-l-kasciunas-after-meeting-with-the-polish-minister-of-national-defence The Baltic Defence Line and the East Shield Initiative are a clear message to the adversary, says Minister of National Defence L. Kasčiūnas after meeting with the Polish Minister of National Defence

On July 3 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defence Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz paid his first formal visit to Lithuania. He was welcomed by Minister of National Defence Laurynas Kasčiūnas, Ministers visited the Padvarionys Border Post in Vilnius Frontier District Unit of the State Border Guard Service and then continued the meeting in Vilnius.

Strengthening of the frontier with Belarus and Russia is a priority to both, Lithuania and Poland, which is also critical in strengthening the external NATO and EU border. While Lithuania further pursues implementation of the countermobility action plan with security of the Suwalki Gap at its centre, Poland is making considerable investments in its border fortification as well.

“Poland remains Lithuania’s strategic security and defence partner,” underscored Minister of National Defence L. Kasčiūnas welcoming Poland’s new Defence Minister to Lithuania. L. Kasčiūnas praised the decision of the Ally to commit EUR 2.5 billion for protection of border with Russia and Belarus under the East Shield Initiative.

“We are prepared to work together to unify national and regional efforts, including the Baltic Defence Line initiative implemented by all the Baltic states. Both of the initiatives send a clear message to the adversary: any intent of an unchecked incursion in the territory of the Baltic states and Poland will be arrested starting first inch,” Minister stated.

Lithuania expects to fully develop 27 engineer fortification parks by 2025. The Lithuanian countermobility action plan covers not only engineer fortification parks but also reconstruction of drainage ditches in the areas bordering Belarus, development of woodland patches and alleys, refurbishment of roads and bridges, and whatever else is necessary. All the listed steps align in Lithuania’s defence line concept which is an integral part of the Baltic defence line. Lithuania foresees allocating approx. EUR 600 million by 2034 for countermobility purposes.

In the conversation with Minister W. Kosiniak-Kamysz L. Kasčiūnas pointed out the importance of bilateral cooperation and a coordinated response in the face of a mutual threat and added that both countries were partnering to confront the mutual threat and strengthen security and defence on NATO’s eastern flank. Regular training of Lithuanian and Polish military personnel takes place under the bilateral Lithuanian-Polish Orsha Plan.

Ministers also discussed assistance to Ukraine which include the different formats of support initiatives. Poland plays an important role in supporting Ukraine and ensuring the assistance is processed smoothly.

Ahead of the NATO Summit in Washington, Ministers also discussed the priorities on its agenda. implementation of the NATO defence plans remains Lithuania’s key priority. In order to deliver on an effective deterrence of hostile forces, Allied defence budgets need to become contracts that facilitate national capability growth and defence industry development.



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Metsola to EUCO: “Focus on competitiveness, security & defence and social equality” http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406483-metsola-to-euco-focus-on-competitiveness-security-defence-and-social-equality http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406483-metsola-to-euco-focus-on-competitiveness-security-defence-and-social-equality Metsola to EUCO: “Focus on competitiveness, security & defence and social equality”

“Competitiveness, security & defence, and social equality are clear electoral messages for the EU’s programme”, said EP President Roberta Metsola to the European Council.

Addressing the European Council today in Brussels, President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola highlighted the following topics:


“The European Parliament welcomes the new security cooperation pact between Ukraine and the European Union.

The presence of President Zelenskyy here to mark the occasion is of important symbolical value and bears proof to our mutual commitment to our common security and shared destiny.”


“The step taken to begin formal EU membership talks with Ukraine and Moldova this month is significant and important. The European Parliament has been a strong advocate for the launch of EU accession negotiations.

Getting our Union ready for enlargement must remain a top priority in our next institutional cycle.”

Delivering on messages from the elections

“We have now a much clearer view of what people expect us to deliver on over the next five years. The challenge is now to turn these electoral messages into a political programme for the European Union. One that is serious, deliverable and implementable.”

Security and defence

“People have called for the robust defence of our values and for security to remain a top priority. Our support for Ukraine must continue.

It also means doing more to increase Europe’s ability to respond to any type of crisis and strategic autonomy. This requires a pressing need to develop a real common security and defence policy.

We have already worked together to ramp-up our capabilities, decrease duplications and reduce the fragmentation of the defence industries. Establishing a strong defence industrial base is the next step.”

Competitiveness and the Single Market

“European competitiveness is critical from an economic and a political perspective - we need to reinforce Europe’s place on the global stage.“

“We need to re-double our efforts for open, balanced, fair trade that is based on international rules, and broaden our network of trade agreements with partners by concluding and ratifying the ones we have in the pipeline.”

“Strengthening competitiveness will also require deepening the Single Market. Only by increasing productivity, speeding-up investments in own industrial capabilities, can we reduce strategic dependencies while simultaneously supporting and sustaining economic growth. The Single Market is our greatest economic driver.”

Financing growth

“If we are to grow our economies and pay back our debts, we have to get serious about finding innovative ways to fuel both public and private investment.”

“The increase of the ceilings in a mid-term revision of the EU's current long-term budget was an important step in the right direction. As we prepare for the next MFF, we need to ensure a budget that is fit-for-purpose.”

“We need to complete our Banking and Capital Markets Unions, if we are serious about mobilising private capital to invest in our priorities, and to incentivise our companies to stay in Europe. This is how we sustain economic growth and create new quality jobs and futures with dignity.”

Leaving nobody behind

“When it comes to making progress on the green and digital transitions, no one should be left behind. Implementation here is key. That must be our focus now.”

“Whilst we are extremely proud of our world leading targets, burdens, bureaucracy and red-tape risk holding back progress. Each regulation may well be justified, but when taken together we need to be careful to ensure that this does not become too much. Our proposals must work for families. For industry. For farmers.”

“That is how we can bring Europe a little bit closer to how our people want it to be. How we can reflect on the message that the electorate sent us. How we will deliver on a stronger, safer, fairer and better Europe for all Europeans.”

Election of the President of the European Commission

“The European Parliament remains firmly behind the Lead Candidate process and we confirm that the European People’s Party is once again the largest political group in the European Parliament.

We will respect the due process. After the European Council communicates to us the name, we will invite the person to meet with Group leaders on Tuesday (2 July). The aim of this is to determine the candidate able to form the necessary qualified majority in Parliament to become the next Commission President. A candidate with a political programme that is able to capture the main electoral messages and reflect the views of the majority of the House.

The European Parliament stands ready to move the smooth process forward for electing a new Commission President without delay as soon as the European Council submits its candidate and for the hearings of the Commissioners after that.”

Ref.: 20240624IPR22302


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Declaration of the Trilateral Meeting of Lithuanian, Polish, and Ukrainian Parliamentary Delegations on managing after-effects on agricultural sector caused by russia’s war in Ukraine signed in Warsaw http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406482-declaration-of-the-trilateral-meeting-of-lithuanian-polish-and-ukrainian-parliamentary-delegations-on-managing-after-effects-on-agricultural-sector-caused-by-russia-s-war-in-ukraine-signed-in-warsaw http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406482-declaration-of-the-trilateral-meeting-of-lithuanian-polish-and-ukrainian-parliamentary-delegations-on-managing-after-effects-on-agricultural-sector-caused-by-russia-s-war-in-ukraine-signed-in-warsaw Declaration of the Trilateral Meeting of Lithuanian, Polish, and Ukrainian Parliamentary Delegations on managing after-effects on agricultural sector caused by russia’s war in Ukraine signed in Warsaw

Viktoras Pranckietis, Chair of the Committee on Rural Affairs, and Kazys Starkevičius, Chair of the Committee on Economics of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, participated in a trilateral meeting of representatives of the Lithuanian, Polish, and Ukrainian Parliaments and agricultural organisations in Warsaw on 24 June 2024 and signed a Declaration calling on the European Union institutions and Member States to initiate a ban on the import of agricultural products originating from russia and belarus and to consider implementing a ban on the transit of such products through the territory of the European Union.

The Declaration also proposes implementing an intervention system to purchase surplus grain during periods of unfavourable market prices in order to stabilise grain prices, safeguard the income of grain growers, and meet the objectives of the World Food Programme.

The participating parties were unanimous in their support for the Declaration’s aim to help Ukraine rebuild its pre-war market positions, and, in the backdrop of recent concerns about unfair trade between the countries, agreed to make every effort to prevent any potential instances of such practices in the future.

On 14 May 2024, a trilateral meeting in Kyiv agreed to supplement the Declaration by an additional clause urging the European Union institutions and Member States to restrict russian agricultural producers’ access to advanced global technology and equipment. In the Warsaw meeting, the Declaration was supplemented by a plea to condemn russia for exporting illegally appropriated grain produced and stored in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Thanking his Polish counterparts for the meeting held as a follow-up to the Lithuanian initiative, Mr Pranckietis said that all parties to the meeting were striving for peace in every way they could. ‘When we consider the future of the Lublin Triangle format, we also need to think about a European Union that includes Ukraine. When we debate the EU’s common agricultural policy after 2027, we hope that Ukraine will be a part of it by then. Looking ahead to 2050, food demand is expected to increase by at least 30%. This means that Ukraine will not need to seek out markets; instead, the markets will be seeking out Ukraine. Peace will come, but it must be created through communication and cooperation between all of us. Therefore, this meeting provides an excellent platform for dialogue, which must continue in the future, focusing on Ukraine’s European integration and the associated challenges, the EU’s common agricultural policy after 2027, and other matters on the agenda,’ the Chair of the Seimas Committee on Rural Affairs said.

‘Signing this Declaration is a chance to draw the world’s attention to the threat posed by russia. In the past, Ukrainian grain, rather than the Ukrainian grain stolen by russia, was often blamed for causing global problems. However, these perceptions are changing. Politicians and farmers of our countries have also contributed to the changing attitudes on this issue,’ Mr Starkevičius said.
The meeting, which marked the third gathering within the framework of the Lublin Triangle, included participation of the Chairs of the Lithuanian, Polish, and Ukrainian parliamentary committees on agriculture, the Chairs of the Seimas Committee on Economy, and representatives from various agricultural organisations. The first meeting was convened in Vilnius on 5 April 2024 and the second one took place in Kyiv on 14 May 2024.



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Priorities of cooperation with Italy remain unchanged, says Minister of National Defence L. Kasčiūnas http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406468-priorities-of-cooperation-with-italy-remain-unchanged-says-minister-of-national-defence-l-kasciunas http://l24.lt/en/politics/item/406468-priorities-of-cooperation-with-italy-remain-unchanged-says-minister-of-national-defence-l-kasciunas Priorities of cooperation with Italy remain unchanged, says Minister of National Defence L. Kasčiūnas

On July 1 Minister of National Defence met with Minister of Defence of Italy Guido Crosetto in Rome with whom he discussed the security situation in Europe, defence cooperation and preparations for the NATO Summit in Washington next week.

“Lithuania’s priorities in defence cooperation with Italy remain unchanged. We appreciate Italy’s practical support to the security of our region. In full understating of the current security situation, we are grateful to Italy for its contribution to the Baltic security and the security of the entire eastern flank. We are doing everything possible to provide proper service conditions for the Allies,” underscored Minister of National Defence L. Kasčiūnas. Military personnel of Italy are serving in the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group in the Baltic region Italian ships patrol the Baltic Sea. Also, Italy has provided rotations to five NATO Air Policing Missions in the Baltic states flown from Šiauliai so far and plans to deploy the Italian detachment again for two consecutive rotations starting this year. Minister also pointed out that Lithuania understood the threat of irregular migration originating in the South and Mediterranean and said that expanding bilateral cooperation was of utmost importance in the present geopolitical and security context.

Another topic Ministers discussed was the upcoming NATO Summit in Washington. Besides executability of defence plans and increasing defence spending, decisions on practical implementation of the Rotational Air Defence Model is one of Lithuania’s key expectations at the Summit. The war in Ukraine has demonstrated that air defence remains among top priorities for defence of the NATO eastern border. Minister L. Kasčiūnas invited Italy to contribute to the implementation of the model by deploying its air defence capabilities in Lithuania.

Minister also addressed assistance to Ukraine. L. Kasčiūnas underscored the importance of Ukraine’s victory against Russia and thanked Italy for the decision to join the Ukraine Demining Coalition that Lithuania led and encourage equipment, financial or training contributions. Italy has donated individual demining equipment to Ukraine so far, conducts staff officer and combat demining operator training courses, also, it has taken a decision to transfer one more mid-range air defence system. “We have to fight the Russian disinformation campaigns more intensely to prevent it from discrediting the Western support to Ukraine. Only a strong and continued assistance to Ukraine until its victory can bring back stability and peace to Europe,” said Minister L. Kasčiūnas.

The meeting also addressed the importance of cooperation with defence industry. L. Kasčiūnas underscored that Lithuania had adopted a new defence industry law to promote defence industry investment in Lithuania. Investment of the German Reinmetall stands out as an excellent example of that. Minister invited Italy’s defence industrial giant Leonardo to avail of the favorable conditions in Lithuania, particularly in the area of high technology.



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