Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas who arrived in Afghanistan on April 13 to meet with the Lithuanian military deployed on the ISAF mission, began his visit in the south of Afghanistan where he met with the personnel of the Lithuanian Special Operations Forces Squadron, instructors of the Lithuanian Air Force training Afghan helicopter pilots at Kandahar Airfield and members of the National Support Element.

Wednesday, April 10, Vilnius - President Dalia Grybauskaitė signed the book of condolences for Margaret Thatcher at the British embassy in Vilnius.

Dozens of languages in Europe are not much lost for words as short of speakers with some 120 believed to be dying out. The EP's culture committee discussed the problem with experts on 20 March. However, MEP François Alfonsi believes the final word on these languages has yet to be said. The French member of the Green group is drafting a report on what can be done to support them. Is there still time to save languages such as Lombard, Polesian and Saterlandic?

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2013-04-07, 18:56

We would like to present you the new social-informational website It will be one of the first (just after DELFI) quadrilingual websites created in Lithuanian, Polish, English, and Russian. The short name L24 is made of the first letter of the name of the state - Lietuva, Litwa, Lithuania, Литва – and of the number 24 which is a symbol of round-the-clock online website informing you of the most important events.

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