"Come along to express your citizenship and explore the corridors of Europe." - every citizen of European Union is invited on the official site of European Parliament. This year's Festival of Europe takes place on Saturday 4 May (Brussels and Luxembourg) and 19 May (Strasbourg).

Brain diseases cost Europe €798 billion in 2010 and this will go up drastically in the coming years due to the continent's ageing population. By 2025 one in five Europeans will be 65 or over, resulting in more degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease. In May the European Month of the Brain will be held to call attention to brain research and health care issues. A special workshop was held at the EP on 23 April to discuss what could be done about brain disorders.

Pandora's Box of Kosovo

2013-04-29, 17:59

The Serbs from Kosovo protest and feel left by their compatriots. Ten thousand demonstrators showed their indignation by shouting "Treason, treason" on the streets of the Kosovska Mitrovica city.

Extreme-right activists held a rally at the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania today. The activists have been striking against bilingual signs in the areas where local Polish minority constitutes the majority of inhabitants, against original spelling of names and against concessions for the pupils of national minorities' schools when holding the exam of Lithuanian language.

The official presentation of the new quadrilingual website took place in the House of Polish Culture on the 24th April in Vilnius. This event was of a great importance not only for the Polish community in Lithuania, but also for the entire country. To a certain extent, this project can be seen as a response of Poles of Lithuania to their supposed unwillingness to integrate into the life of the state. Giving the accurate information about the achievements and problems of the society will certainly strengthen mutual relationships and deepen the knowledge about ourselves and the world.

The Constituent Congress of the European Alliance of Tatars took place on Monday, 22nd April 2013. The congress was organised in the European Parliament under the auspices of the Member of the European Parliament Valdemar Tomaševski.

Prohibition of abortion is a very controversial topic and each time it is causing a lot of discussions. However, there is nothing surprising about it. It concerns a life. A New Life.

According to the media, Vytautas Šapranauskas, lithuanian actor and TV presenter, has been found dead today, Thursday 18th April. The information was confirmed by the police.

Increasingly worrying information regarding the treatment of Polish minority in Lithuania reached Brussels. The treatment, which is incompatible with European standards, as the motto of the European Union is "United in diversity".


A few days ago the head of the Catholic school in the region of Picardie (North of France) Franck Talleu was stopped by the police while he was having a picnic. As reported by the French news agency AFP, he was charged with having a pro-family shirt with a "stereotypical symbol".



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