Another success of EAPL-CFA

2019-03-06, 12:40
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Another success of EAPL-CFA

The municipal elections in Lithuania took place last week. Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Christian Families Alliance (EAPL-CFA) once again confirmed its unrivaled position in the Vilnius region.

EAPL-CFA presents their hard work and organisation in every election. The victory of Marija Rekst, Mayor of the Vilnius District, as well as the victory of Zdzislav Palevič, Mayor of Šalčininkai District, in the first round of municipal elections was a great success of the EAPL-CFA party. Rekst managed to get 54% of votes and Palevič – 77%. The party also managed to get 19 seats out of 31 in the Council of the Vilnius District and 20 out of 25 in the Council of the Šalčininkai District.

When speaking about other areas, EAPL-CFA got 4 seat out of 25 in both Trakai District and Švenčionys District, 3 seats in Visaginas District and 6 seats in the Vilnius City.

This term EAPL-CFA will have 56 councillors in total and it is actually a very good result. Moreover, the party got 5,3% of votes in the whole country. Having this in mind, it can be said without any doubt that the real support for the party can amount to even 7% on the national scale. It is a very good sign for the future, especially that there are more elections in Lithuania this year - presidential and European.

The Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania - Christian Families Alliance has once again shown that the confidence of voters can be won by conducting a fair policy based on Christian values and leaning over the problems of every person. And the far-sighted strategy of uniting different communities and environments is a good path to electoral success. There is strength in the unity of the Polish community and municipal elections are the best example of this.


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